4. If training is selected,  you will answer a training questionnaire after a free of charge phone conslutation, so we can tailor a personalised training plan considering your dog's learning process and specific needs. 

1. Contact us via message, phone call or fill the form on this site with service required and pet info

2. We set up a meeting with you and your dog before walking or a free phone call consultation before training to get to know each other and collect necessary information about your pet

3. We will schedule our date and time for walking or training 



Thank you for visiting my website. Pawtastic Dog Services is a professional, fully insured company in Stapleton, Bristol. My name is Iwona and my love for dogs with my higher education teaching background inspired me to combine these two elements and open a dog training and walking business. I can work in any weather and I am fully trained to handle dogs. Also, as a dog owner myself, I understand how important it is to leave your dog in safe and caring hands. I can communiacte with dogs in English and Polish and have great experience with them as I have worked and have had dogs as family pets all my life and often looked after friends' dogs. I have been training dogs for years out of my passion.  I have completed  CIDBT 4101 Smart Puppy Training to gain indepth knowledge in training and runing puppy classes. 

I've become a full PACT member and obtained my ATI (Animal Training Instructor) with ABTC (Animal Behaviour & Training Council) accreditation.

The Animal Behaviour and Training Council sets and maintains standards of knowledge and practical skills needed to be an animal trainer, training instructor or animal behaviour therapist and maintains the National Register of appropriately assessed animal trainers, instructors and behaviourists.

This ensures that my dog training meets highest possible standards, is based on the latest research and science using only ethical training methodes to enhance the process of canine learning rather than inhibit it by outdated aversive methods.

I'm looking forward to sharing my passion, knowledge and experience when training your fur babies with you.

Current Qualifications:

  • Animal Training Instructor (ATI) with Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC) accredited
  • Canine Training Instrcutor with PACT
  • Canine First Aid Level 2 (VTQ)
  • CIDBT 4101 Smart Puppy Training
  • Dog Handling and Training Skills
  • Ofqual Regulated Level 3 Professional Day Care and Boarding
  • Learning about Border Collies/ Sheepdogs online course with Kay Laurence, 2023.
  • Sheepballs: Border Collie skills practical 10 week course with Kay Laurence in 2024 (practical training).
Dog walker Bristol UK
Dog walker Bristol UK
Dog Walker Bristol UK
Dog trainer Bristol UK


Genuinely one of the best! I cannot rate Iwona highly enough. If you want someone that genuinely loves dogs, is fantastic with them and can deal with any training issues look no further!
Oh and my pup loses it every time Iwona and her gorgeous dog, Max come to the door. :-)- Misty's caregiver

Dog Trainer Bristol UK
Dog trainer Bristol

Iwona has a great way with dogs and builds their confidence through consistent training and lots of fun activities that are engaging and motivating for dogs and their owners. She is versatile with training, being able to meet dog's needs and pays attention to canine body language to communicate with dogs effectively. - Maize's caregiver

Buster loves his walks with Pawtastic Dog Services. His recall and general behaviour have dramatically improved since he joined Pawtastic team. - Buster's caregiver

Dog Trainer Bristol
Dog Trainer Bristol

Lotus always gets a good amount of exercice and mental stimulation during his walks with Pawtastic Dog Services. He adores Iwona and Max. - Lotus's caregiver

Iwona has offered us a series of comprehensive training sessions to introduce structure, mental and physical enrichment to our Border Collie's life. Nessa's behaviour has improved dramatically as she is a much happier dog now. Thank you so much!. - Nessa's caregivers

Dog trainer Bristol
Dog trainer Bristol

Iwona is a great trainer. Patient with both me and my dog. Easy to see results. My dog adores her!- Archie's caregiver

Best dog trainer Bristol UK
Dog walker Bristol UK
Dog trainer Bristol UK

Prime Location

Pawtastic Dog Services is situated in a great location to take your dogs out for fun and safe walks. This means minimising transportation time when collecting dogs for walking or easy access within minutes to a variety of local parks and woodlands.  

Dog trainer walker Bristol UK

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