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Walking areas covered: Stapleton, Frenchay, Fishponds, Eastville, Stoke Gifford- UWE area, Clay Hill

Training: F2F Bristol & surrounding areas, online-global

"If you want your dog to enjoy caring, engaging & effective input in training or walks with a superb trainer, I couldn't recommend Pawtastic Dog Services more" Mina Isaac

Group walks

Solo walks


Services & Prices



  • £45- 1h training walk
  • £25 - 1h                   
  • £18- 30 min

  • After walks dogs are cleaned when required
  • Walks are 1 hour or adapted to dogs' health and age
  • Dogs are walked in friendly groups or individually
  • I collect your dogs from home and drop them off
  • Off lead and on lead if required
  • Only positive reinforcement used to help all dogs enjoy walks
  • Treats and water provided
  • Reports with pictures and videos
  • Follow up instructions with training walks
  • Dogs are transported in a regularly cleaned , ventilated & aircon car
  • Vehicle equipped with pet first aid kit
  • Walks in safe yet fun places, play time included
  • DBS checked, Canine First Aid and fully insured with Protectivity
  • Key safe lock box for clients key storage

Puppy walks + play time

        • £15- 30 minutes


  • £15 - 1h                   
  • £12 - 30 min

One-to-one adult dogs

Puppy training

  • £60- initial consultation,   a detailed training plan and  1h training, regular check ups

  • £60- follow up 45-60 min sessions
  • £60- 60 min initial consultation and 1 h training

  • £60- 45 min follow up sessions

Issues I address in adult dogs:


  • Loose lead, heel walk 
  • Anxiety, Fears and Phobias
  • Jumping Up
  • Effective recall
  • Impulse control

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Resource Guarding (food, toys, bed etc)
  • Relaxation techniques

  • Chasing (shadows, vehicles, people, animals)

  • Dog/ People Reactivity
  • Excessive Chewing
  • Hyperactivity or Barking
  • Redirecting attention to caregivers


Services & Prices


                                                                           One-to-one puppies up to 5 months

  • This environment allows unvaccinated puppies to start training as early as possible because 5-12 weeks of age is the most powerful learning time in your dogs' life. Starting early is also important to prevent bad habits from developing.

  • We will do exercises both at home and outside to ensure your puppy is learning adequately without and with distractions. I will assist you with support on toilet training, crate/pen training, general 'Raising a Socially Competent Dog' exercises and troubleshooting. You will receive a PP presentation and a weekly task based training plan with the set of exercises to prepare prior to the first session. 

  • Apart from one-to-one training, you will receive follow-up tasks to do and play with your puppy so he/she can learn effectively. There is also text/email support offered. I look into family context, puppy breed and individual characteristics to adapt training techniques.

  • You can decide how many follow-up sessions you need.

  • Follow-up sessions are 45 min long to cater for puppies' attention span.

  • Some of the exercises addressed in my training are effective recall, walk on a loose lead, drop, touch, sit, down/settle, stand, stay, wait, heel with distractions and much more when needed.

  • I also give advice on creating safe and enriching environment for your pet's wellbeing and how to bond so your pet is focused on you yet not insecurely attached. 

                                  One-to-one adolescent puppies

  • Puppies generally reach adolescence at around six months and the phase lasts until they’re around 12–18 months.

  • Some dogs may become wayward or anxious while others show not much change in their behaviour. This is only a temporary stage and the best way to experience it is to be patient and continue with consistent training.

  • The most common issues in adolescent puppies are loss of recall, destructiveness, anxious reactions, other animal chasing or inappropriate interaction with other dogs. These can be addressed by using variable techniques and rewards your dog values to stimulate motivation and create exercise as fun time. 

Puppy training in Bristol
  • I will speak to you over a phone, email you a training questionnaire to obtain as much information on your dog as possible. 
  • I will email you a detailed training programme with a set of homework exercises, supported by short videos, to do before our first one-to-one session. It will consider your dog's breed, learning history, context, environment and training steps. This would help to condition your dog in a quiet environment so you and your dog should feel more comfortable during the training session.
  • You will be contacted within a week after our first session to check on your progress, needs for training adaptations and ensure training consistency is preserved.

  • Follow up-sessions are strongly recommended to monitor adolescent puppy progress and build his/her confidence again. This training should make you the centre of their world again.

      *Please note that extra mileage fees apply over 10 miles from my address.

     Certifications & Qualifications:

Dog Training Bristol UK

Canine First Aid Level 2

Dog walker Bristol UK

DBS Checked

Dog trainer Bristol UK

CIDBT 4101 Smart Puppy Training 

Best dog trainer Bristol UK

Canine Training Instructor qualifications with PACT

Dog trainer Bristol UK

Ofqual Regulated Level 3 Professional Day Care and Boarding

Dog walker Bristol UK

Fully Insured

Dog trainer Bristol UK

ABTC (Animal Behaviour & Training Council) ATI (Animal Training Instructor) registered

CPD courses:

  • Learning about Border Collies/ Sheepdogs online course with Kay Laurence, 2023.
  • Sheepballs: Border Collie skills practical 10 week course with Kay Laurence, 2024 (practical training).

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